About Us


The Honor Yoga Foundation

was established in 2017 with the belief that the practice of yoga results in a greater feeling of community, connectedness, and gratitude. We work at bringing these beliefs to life through our yoga-related programs, supporting new and established yoga teachers through scholarships, and our lovingly prepared healing retreats.


Our Mission

The Honor Yoga Foundation supports well-being in communities by providing yoga-related programs to under-represented populations. 

Our Vision

The Honor Yoga Foundation is looking forward to continuing to provide yoga-related programs, scholarships, and retreats. We are excited to share our mission with Honor Yoga’s ever-expanding studio locations. Studio owners are encouraged to nominate students and teachers who will promote our mission for scholarships. Each Honor Yoga Studio is also encouraged to work with the Foundation to provide yoga-related programming to organizations local that are working on providing peace and healing in their communities.


It was a beautiful day, full of sharing, fun, yoga, meditation and, most importantly, building community and support. With an accessible yoga and meditation practice that allowed everyone to participate: whether lying down, sitting on the ground, in a chair, or standing, it was a day to join together, to practice together and most of all to embrace healing, strength and hope.

  • Liz Alvarez, organizer, instructor, and lead volunteer. Yoga on the Brain supports the community for those affected by brain injury.

Our Team

Kathi Szabo

Kathi Szabo is an original board member, serving the past 2 years as President. She brings over 30 years of business experience as well as over 20 years as a volunteer and board member across numerous organizations including her sorority Sigma Kappa. She owns Honor Yoga Hamilton with her husband as well as Far Cliffs, a coaching/consulting company, and teaches at area colleges and universities. “Yoga has brought me a mindfulness I’ve never known before. Allowing me to live in the present moment.” Kathi volunteers her time for the Foundation in hopes everyone finds that mindfulness. 

Julie Wolfe
VP of Finance

Julie Wolfe joined the board in July 2018 and serves as the Vice President of Finance. She brings over 25 years of business experience working with Fortune 50-1000 companies with national and global responsibilities. She is passionate about how yoga and mindfulness can change lives. “Yoga has helped me to get in touch with my body and mind, allowing me to move through challenges and be a better me.” Julie volunteers her time for the Foundation and helps raise funds for breast cancer charities.

Tracy Rolph
VP of Administration

Tracy Rolph serves as the Vice President of Administration. She is a corporate attorney who has served on several boards and has over 15 years of business experience. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and with each year her passion for the practice continues to grow.  She lives in Yardley with her husband and four fur babies. “The practice of yoga has enabled me to stay grounded through stressful times, as well as become closer to my body and learn to listen which has enabled me to heal, both physically and spiritually. If everyone practiced yoga, the world would most certainly be a better place.”

Beth Lane
VP of Marketing

Beth Lane serves as Vice President of Marketing. She brings over a decade of marketing experience and has previously served on her college’s chapter of the American Marketing Association. She spends her time working on her photography, traveling, and practicing yoga. “Since introducing yoga into my life, I have found a better understanding of my mind and body. My practice has changed the way I approach my life.” Beth volunteers her time for the Foundation because she wants others to experience the benefits of yoga.

Melanie Parsons
VP of Franchise Relations

Melanie Staff-Parsons joined the Board in 2018 and serves as Vice President of Studio Relations.  She is a qualified yoga instructor and has been practicing yoga for the past 30 years.  She applies her practice in her professional life as an HR executive for a global pharmaceutical company, coaching and constructively challenging the status quo so that people can bring their best selves to work and realize their full potential.  A native of the United Kingdom, Melanie lived and worked in several countries prior to moving to the US where she now resides in New Jersey with her husband and two children.

Christina Stoltz
Retreats Coordinator

Christina Stoltz has been on the board since 2017. She brings over 25 years of experience in coordinating events, along with 15 plus years of volunteering for various organizations including the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. She owns her own business, Breast Cancer & Beyond©, teaching yoga to breast cancer patients in recovery as well as teaching at various hospitals and clinics. As a Cancer survivor herself, she used yoga to battle cancer. “Yoga allowed me to see how I was born innocent, forced to become a fighter, and chose to be a warrior.” Christina volunteers her time for Foundation to support those in need, assist in finding their inner self & choosing to honor their strength.

Laura Desai
Marketing Board Member

Laura Desai joined the Honor Yoga Foundation board in the summer of 2018. She is the Head of School at YingHua International School and brings an expansive list of experience in business, marketing, and education. She has been very instrumental in bringing cultural awareness in her community. She is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, actively practicing and teaching at various Honor Yoga locations. "Yoga brings the balance to my life that allows me to offer my time and talent to others in so many ways. It also creates space in my mind, body and spirit to be open to new opportunities, experiences and challenges." Laura volunteers her time with the Foundation because she believes that giving back is important in all one does and that the Foundation offers the opportunity to give a gift back to those in the community who can benefit from yoga.

Cynthia BaraN
VP of Development and Fundraising

Cynthia Baran joined the board in March of 2018 and serves as the Vice President of Development and Fundraising. Cynthia has served in various board and leadership positions since high school and has nearly 20 years of non-profit experience. Cynthia is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has spent the majority of her professional career in addiction, mental health, and trauma, where she has witnessed the empowering impact of yoga, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness on the individuals with whom she works. “I practice yoga because it is transformative. The benefits far exceed my mat. My yoga practice has given me an opportunity to witness the negative thought patterns and undermining core beliefs that have weighed me down since childhood. It has helped me bridge the distance between my breath and my body that I didn’t even know existed. Yoga has given me the space and internal resources to tend to my own needs in a way that I never dreamed possible.” Cynthia volunteers her time for the Foundation because she believes that every child, young and old, should have access to the life changing power of yoga.

Nathalie Edmond
VP of Programming

Nathalie Edmond joined the board in 2017 and serves as the Vice President of Programming. Nathalie is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher.  She brings 15 years of business and leadership experience along with a passion for working with marginalized groups.  She has a strong interest in the mind-body-spirit connection and sees yoga as a path to healing and wants it to be accessible to more communities.  "Sitting and moving meditation helped me rewire my brain so that I could move around with more ease and love and I wish that for all."


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