The girls have new tools to relax themselves to quiet their minds and their bodies.  And they leave here better than they came every single week.

Laine Whitaker, Program Coordinator and Community Resource Specialist, DCF Mercer Project Teach



I especially connected with the Yin Yoga the last night. For me that was most memorable. Meeting 14 new women and being vulnerable felt so safe at this warm retreat house. And I haven’t had a feeling of safe for over 20 years. So thank you to all the organizers and participants who created the environment for those 4 days.

Bonnie, Breast Cancer Survivor Retreat Guest



We had a wonderful day at the Your Brain on Yoga in Mercer County Park this summer. It was inspirational to meet the instructors and participants, lying together in the grass in the sun, doing yoga poses together. We also enjoyed the session on meditation, where we were guided by a fantastic leader. Thanks to the Honor Yoga Foundation and Lululemon for supporting this memorable day.

Inger, Yoga on Your Brain Picnic Participant

I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience Your Brain on Yoga. As a yoga teacher who had a stroke I truly value the importance of yoga and how accessible it is. We had a great time, doing yoga, meditation and meeting amazing people that are overcoming many obstacles. Thank you Honor Yoga foundation for sponsoring, Liz Alvarez and her team
for a great day!

Leslie, Yoga on Your Brain Picnic Participant



For many of the Peers it was their first-time taking yoga.  What I could see and observe was how they were getting in touch with their body, their breathing, their strength and balance.

Michelle Thompkins, Associate Director, Youth Programs, Millhill Child & Family Development.

Thank you so much for the breast cancer weekend. I really enjoyed my stay. I was so wonderful meeting others who had the same condition as me.  I am just at the beginning of my healing journey, and I was greatly inspired. The food was great, the message was wonderful.

Pat, Breast Cancer Survivor Retreat Guest



I was a complete mess of nerves and anxiety walking into the studio. It was my very first yoga experience EVER. I was greeted with love and softness and quietly shown around the studio. When I met the instructor, all my anxiety came pouring out of my eyes. She was so gracious and tender my fragile state. I learned a lot about how my body tells me things and what they mean and how with to receive that state of being and not shame it but own it. During some of the poses I was instructed to think about how my body was feeling in these open or closed positions. I was amazed at the tears that continued to spring to my eyes being open and exposed and closed and protected. VERY interesting. It was a really, really wonderful first experience of hopefully many to come.